Eraclea Mare

Eraclea Mare

Eraclea Mare

An Oasis of sea and nature – pure relax on the sea next to the green

Among dunes and the pinewood the sunshine is soft and sweet. The beach is a stolen piece of paradise, an oasis between sea and nature where you can relax lost in the green.

Eraclea Mare has 1 km of fine sand, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by lush pine forest and pristine.
The perfect place for a family holiday, to play with the kids in the golden sand.

Places to visit around Eraclea Mare


One of the most beautiful places in whole Veneto Orientale thanks to its ancient Roman cathedral, the Campanile of 1100, the village of fishermen with its coloured houses and the small alleys. Don’t miss a visit in the beautiful Cathedral of Santo Stefano and its museum. After it you can conclude the visit with a walk belong the “artistic” cliff until you arrive at the Madonna dell’Angelo.


This unique landscape with its lagoon and the picturesque small fisher houses, natural and safed, takes part of one of the most precious zone of the nature conservation in Veneto. It is worth the time to visit it, the best way is by bike. 


The Magic Town. Get lost in its labyrinth made of “calli” and little channels, a game between water and hearth that captures you and let you discover the elegant buildings and the impressive churches. The charming Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge, the museums and the artistic treasures, the tastes of the cuisine of the lagoon.

Eraclea Terra e Mare – Enogastronomia Racconta il territorio a km 0
Eraclea Terra e Mare – Pink Way
Eraclea Terra e Mare – Grey Way
Eraclea Terra e Mare – la pineta – Le duna – la Sabbia
Eraclea Terra e Mare – Laguna del Mort

Video licensed by the Municipality of Eraclea

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